About Us

Back in 1994 we loaded up our rusty ole '76 hunter-orange Pontiac Grand Prix we nicknamed "The Hoopty" with a tent, a couple of tables, and the very basic equipment needed to personalize and sell novelty front license plates (hopefully) and headed out to our very first festival in a small southern town in Arkansas.  To be honest, I wasn't ready to go. "We don't have enough displays made up!  We're not ready yet!", I protested.  My better half said, "Honey, we're going with what we have, it'll be just fine, don't worry."  He knew that if he waited for me to be "ready" well, I might never be.

So, being the perfectionist that I am, I know now that if he hadn't pushed me out the door on that fateful day, I probably wouldn't be here writing this "About Us" page today.

Well, we survived that very first show and many, many more after that.  We eventually graduated from a tent to a concession trailer, sold "The Hoopty" and bought a bigger vehicle to pull the trailer with and then later on, a second concession trailer.  Over time we built a loyal customer base in each and every town we worked in and to them we are very grateful.  So now, in addition to our loyal customers, we are excited about the launch of our online store and reaching a whole new set of customers with our products.  

We are proud to offer our novelty front license plates personalized with a name/or text in "RAISED LETTERS" and it comes complete with a frame, nuts and bolts, and a clear protective cover ready to mount on your vehicle or hang on a wall!  (Be sure to check out the video on our Home Page "How we Make a Tag"!)  So, let me welcome all of our new customers in advance and please tell a friend or better yet like us on Facebook!  We will be adding license plates daily and other products in the near future so check back often.  

(Oh, and just in case you were wondering... I wasn't quite "ready" to launch our online store yet either... I'm sure you know what my better half said, right?)