Q:  How long does it take to fill my order?

A:  1 - 3 days to process the order.  We will send you a notification once it ships with a tracking number so you can track it through the shipper's system.


Q:  My vehicle doesn't have a place for a vanity plate on the front, why not?

A:  Every vehicle is made to accommodate a front plate (if needed) because some states require both front AND back plates.  So the good news is you do have a place for a tag!  Also, check with your local state revenue department to find out what their laws and requirements are.  If your state requires both, one option is to mount it above or below the state-issued plate on the front of the car or in a back window.  You can always hang it up on a wall at home, too!   However (or wherever) you display your new tag make sure the frame, all four (4) nuts and bolts, and clear protective cover remain together and intact to prolong the life of your tag. 


Q:  I have a question before I place my order.  What's the best way to contact you?

A:  Click on the "Contact Us" tab below and you can send us an email directly from that page without having to go to your email account to do it.  (There is also a section in the shopping cart if you would like to add any special instructions or requests regarding your order.)   


Q:  Can I pick up my order and save shipping if I’m local?

A:  Yes you can!  Follow these steps:  

1). Locate the SKU number.  The SKU number is located just below the title and above the price.

2). Email us with the SKU number, quantity, and any personalization you would like.

3). We will send you a PayPal invoice.

4). We’ll make your plate upon receipt of payment and contact you for delivery.  Be sure and include your contact information in your email.